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How to Select a Recruitment agency From Nepal??

Whether you are an employer from gulf with ongoing hiring needs, using a Recruitment agency from Nepal is definitely an option worth considering. There are many traits and characteristics to consider when you are evaluating Top recruitment agency in Nepal. There are lots of agencies in Nepal, Some are only established for monetary purpose and some for looting and some for giving services. So, it is essential to select the best services provider for going to work in foreign countries.

We, SEASONAL MANPOWER PVT.LTD. is best Recruitment agency from Nepal since we have been recruiting manpower in Malaysia since 2068. Best is to choose recruitment agencies in Nepal for all recruitment convenience.

If you are still unsure how to select a recruitment agency, here are some pointers worth evaluating:

# Relational or Transactional:

Broadly, a transactional recruiter will approach your needs as a transaction. A relational recruiter will take time to develop a thorough understanding of your business and culture, and will want to partner with you in a strategic manner for the long term.

What is most important is to think about how YOU want to work. If you have a transactional mindset and the recruiter has a relational approach, neither side is likely to be satisfied with the working arrangement. In general, however, I think recruiters are more successful when they develop those strong, deep client relationships. They are more effective at finding good-fit candidates, and understanding your long-term goals can help them work with you on building your team in a strategic way.

# Experience Matters:

Experience really matters in Recruitment agencies as new established Manpower agency may not have enough knowledge about recruitment process.

How long has the agency been in business? What about the individual recruiters? What was their pre-recruitment background? Have they worked in your particular industry? It also good to know WHO you will be working with on your recruitment assignment. We SEASONAL MANPOWER are professional and experienced in every field of recruitment. We have recruited lots of manpower in Malaysia since last 6 years.

# Methodology/process:

How does the recruitment agency work? What services are they providing? Be sure you understand exactly what you are going to achieve and how the process is going to work, including a timeline for presenting candidates and obtaining feedback from you. A successful, professional recruiter should be able to document as per the steps. They will take to complete your search from initial discussion all the way to the candidate’s first day on the job.


Going abroad for work is tough task in itself so it is essential to choose the best recruitment agency from Nepal for all kinds of works. Hence, always choose SEASONAL MANPOWER for your recruitment works.